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welcome to nordic provisions

Welcome to Nordic Provisions, our brand new blog about food in the Nordics. This blog started as an idea many years ago when Sofie studied photography, but we never really got around to making it. Now, some years later, we found out that the timing is right to step up and make a blog, as Sofie has been working as a food photographer, and myself (Daniel) just got a job as a chef.

The Nordic food scene is also better than ever, and exciting things are happening everywhere.  We hope to use this blog not just to post recipes, but also share information about food in the Nordic region and highlight some of our awesome produce. That being said the blog will not be limited to Nordic food, although it will be our main focus.

So be sure to check back, as we will be posting new stuff frequently.

If you want to learn more about us head on over to the about page.

pork belly and apples
crispy pork belly, apple puree & honey mustard vinaigrette

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