smoked salmon tartare fennel ice cream

Smoked Salmon Tartare with Fennel Ice Cream

Norwegian salmon is some of the best in the world, and it is our biggest export to the rest of the world. But farm-raised salmon is one thing and wild salmon is a whole other thing. Even here in Norway, a lot of the farmed salmon is filled with lice, and because of the food they eat and the water they swim in, they have a lot more contaminants in them.

So before eating a whole lot of salmon, it can be wise to read up a bit on salmon farming, and the best thing overall is of course to get wild salmon, which is also much tastier.

Thankfully I have a family that loves to go fishing and that provides me with a lot of good fish, like the smoked salmon I used in this recipe. As anyone who has eaten sushi knows, raw salmon is awesome, and therefore good for a tartare. In this recipe, I will be mixing raw salmon loin and smoked salmon.